Onboard Kialoa II supporting 'Movember' during the 2017 Rolex Sydney Hobart Yacht Race.

Dallas Kilponen.

Dallas Kilponen is an award-winning photographer, multimedia producer and social media content creator. With over 20 years at Fairfax Media as a staff photographer and media producer, Dallas has covered a wide range of stories and events from breaking news, lifestyle & travel, the arts, fashion, portraiture and sport.

Dallas’s creative eye is matched by an intuitive approach to story-telling across all media. Specialising in fast turn-around production from sourcing and researching stories to delivering high quality, relevant content to connect with a demanding and ever-changing market.

In his three decades in the industry, Dallas has worked in news media, film production, commercial photography, videography, reportage, travel writing and producing content for social media.




20 years captured for The Sydney Morning Herald.